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    Yes, that’s right! So throw away the old, broken car that’s been sitting in your garage for months, and get money out of it, because you can.

    At Gold Coast Cash for Cars, you can get up to $9,999 for your junk. And that’s like hitting three birds with one stone:

    1. You clear up space in your garage.
    2. You get a great deal of money.
    3. You can even buy a new car.

    So, if you’ve decided, give Gold Coast Cash for Cars a call, and we’ll give you a quote. Simply tell us the model and some details about your broken ride, and we’ll make you an offer. 

    If you’re happy with our proposal, we can get the process of exchanging your junk for money started. And don’t worry, we’ll tow away your car for free. So, you can simply sit back and relax as we clear your house of clutter.

    Don’t Stress Yourself with Fixing that Old Car

    Old cars have many issues, and their maintenance can get a little more costly. It’s sad, but that’s the price you pay for the great deal of service that vehicles provide you for years. And it’s a worthwhile expense and effort, too.

    But maybe it’s time to let go and stop tinkering with your old ride’s broken parts. Perhaps, it’s time to finally stop bringing your old car to repair shops and waste money on upkeeps that don’t promise anything.

    Why not call Gold Coast Cash for Cars instead? When you sell your car to us, you can get as much as $9,999. That’s a significant amount for a vehicle that’s old and broken.

    So, you no longer feel stressed and don’t have to spend money on repairs anymore. And you even get cold, hard cash in return for something that’s not running and worthless.

    Whatever the Problem with Your Car, We’ll Still Take It

    If you have a junk Toyota, a Ford that won’t run, or a broken Mazda, we’ll buy them from you.

    If you wrecked your car on the road or got into an accident and damaged the vehicle, you can still sell it to us.

    If your broken ride is unregistered, don’t worry. We’ll take it and give you the money.

    Gold Coast Cash for Cars will take any broken car – no matter the model, the damage, and whether it’s registered or not.

    Here are some services we provide for your broken car:

    Broken Car FAQs

    Can you sell broken cars?

    Yes. Your broken car still has valuable parts that can be used for other vehicles, which is why junk shops or car repair shops will want to buy it. Or it may be salvageable for other people. And, for them, it can be a cheaper way of getting a new vehicle.

    Why do people buy damaged cars?

    Where can I sell my broken car?

    You can sell your broken car or its parts to private individuals, junkyards, or a car removal company. Or you can post your vehicle for sale online, and people who are interested will contact you to make an offer.

    How much do broken cars sell for?

    The price of your broken car will depend on its condition. The lowest you can get for it is around $50. But at Gold Coast Cash for Cars, you can get as much as $9,999 for it.

    Don’t stress yourself with your broken car. Stop wasting money on repairs and maintenance. Instead, call Gold Coast Cash for Cars at 0408 809 487, and we’ll offer you a handsome sum and relieve you of your broken ride.

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