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    At Gold Coast Cash for Cars, we are dedicated to providing you with Gold Coast’s most reliable Car Removals service. All of our services are free and perfected to giving you the high-quality Cash for Cars service that you seek. The following are just some of our exceptional Cash for Cars services that put top dollar in your pocket and take less time than your run of the mill car buying service.

    1. Free Car Removals Gold Coast Wide
      What’s better than affordable Car Removals? FREE Car Removals Gold Coast wide! With every purchase, we offer to collect your unwanted car free of charge, wherever in Gold Coast it is located. Whether it be off-road, on-road, on commercial premises or collecting dust on your property, you can rely on us to collect it quickly and without hassle.
    2. Instant Cash for Cars in Any Condition
      Gold Coast Cash for Cars purchases vehicles regardless of their condition. Whether your unwanted car is in adequate condition or is old, damaged or completely wrecked after an accident, we’ll happily provide you with a Top Cash for Cars payment every time.This includes:

      • Damaged Cars
      • Wrecked Cars
      • Old Cars
      • Mechanical Fault Cars
      • Registered & Unregistered Cars
      • Broken Cars
      • Flood Damaged Cars
      • Scrap Cars
      • Accident Cars
      • Hail Damaged Cars
      • Unwanted Cars
      • Junk Cars
    3. Eco-Friendly Car Recycling & Car Wrecking
      More Australians than ever are looking to dispose of their cars in more environmentally sound ways and Gold Coast Cash for Cars Gold Coast is leading the charge! Our Car Wrecking service is the most ‘green’ way to dispose of your car, thanks to our Advanced Car Recycling Facility which breaks down, recycles and reuses your car’s parts, metals and other materials. This is infinitely better for the environment than having your car dumped at a landfill and aids in more sustainable methods of vehicle production.
    4. Cash for Cars for All Car Brands
      Gold Coast Cash for Cars is proud to say that we don’t have preferences for any vehicles makes & models like some Car Buyers do. We pay honest and accurate Cash for Cars from all brands including:

      • Hyundai
      • Holden
      • Honda
      • Mitsubishi
      • Nissan
      • Toyota
      • Ford
      • Mazda
      • Kia
      • Audi
      • Subaru
      • Suzuki
    5. Advanced Tow Trucks to Handle Any Removal Job
      Combine the industry’s most advanced tow trucks, with the most experienced Car Removal Experts and you have yourself a winning duo. Our tow trucks (which include tilt tray tow trucks) are available to handle vehicles of any size or type, including:

      • Cars
      • Trucks
      • Vans
      • Buses
      • Utes
      • Motorbikes
      • SUVs
      • 4WDs
      • Heavy Machinery
      • Scrap Metal
      • Boats
      • Minivans
    6. Instant Quotes
      To make the process of selling your car quicker and more convenient for you, we provide ‘Instant Quotes’ over the phone or online. Most car buyers will need to view your car in person before giving a quote but Gold Coast Cash for Cars simply require that you give us some details about your car. These may include its condition, make & model, size, age, weight and the number of kilometres listed on the odometer.
    7. Free Paperwork
      Nobody wants to spend ages working on a mountain of paperwork. At Gold Coast Cash for Cars, we figured that we’d take care of the paperwork part – you simply need to bring your photo ID, proof of ownership and remove your registration plates. We’ll handle the rest.

    How to Receive Your Free Car Removal in Gold Coast

    First, call us for a quote and book your Free Car Removal. Next, our team will arrive on time to pay you on the spot and have your vehicle collected in minutes. It’s that easy!

    Contact Gold Coast Cash for Cars today at 0408 809 487 or through our online form

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