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    When you Sell Your Car in the Gold Coast, the process can be a little daunting, especially with all the varied information out there on the internet. At Gold Coast Cash for Cars, we’re dedicated to letting you Sell Your Car for Cash in a way that is streamlined, easy and hassle-free. We’ll make sure that your car is sold and collected quickly and without a hitch in a process that is transparent and with no surprises.

    We’ve prepared a ‘Checklist’ to give you an idea of the simple process you take when you choose Gold Coast Cash for Cars.

    What You Need to Bring to Our Gold Coast Cash for Cars Service

    There are only a few things you need to bring to our Free Car Removal service – we’ll handle the rest! Our team will happily go through all the paperwork and legal procedures with you so that there are no issues or unexpected fines in the future.

    The following is important to be able to sell your car to us and allows us to continue with the legal procedures immediately.

    1) Your Proof of Identity

    It is the law that you need to bring proof of identity for us to purchase your vehicle. Photo ID can include your driver’s license, your passport and more.

    2) Your Proof of Ownership

    You need to have proof (your title) of ownership to a vehicle for us to buy it from you. If it is still registered, we can undo your registration, or you can have that taken care of with a Notice of Disposal. The remaining registration can be refunded by the RMS by cheque.

    3) Remove Your Vehicle’s License Plates

    As part of the process of transferring your vehicle to us, you need to remove your vehicle’s registration plates. We can help you with this. You can either return your plates to a service centre or transfer them to a new vehicle.

    Gold Coast Cash for Car Checklist

    What You Need to Do to Sell Your Car to Gold Coast Cash for Cars

    To complete our simple Cash for Cars Gold Coast process, you need to do the following easy steps:

    1) Contact Us

    You can contact us via phone or through our online ‘Quote Form’ and we’ll be with you in no time. Whether you own a scrap, junk, damaged, old or worn-out vehicle, you can contact us to purchase your vehicle for a high-paying Instant Cash for Cars offer.

    2) Get an Instant Quote for Free

    After contacting us, you can receive a Free Evaluation of your unwanted car. We don’t need to come and see your vehicle in person for this but base our quote on a detailed description you give us of your car. We accept all vehicles types from cars to trucks to forklifts.

    Some details we might ask for include:

    After giving us these details, your Quick Quote can be calculated in minutes.

    3) Say Yes to Our Instant Cash for Cars Quote!

    Next thing to do is accept our offer so we can move on to getting you your Instant Cash for Cars payment. Our offers are free and no-obligation, so there’s no pressure to accept it and you can even take a few days to think about it.

    4) Schedule Your Free Car Removal

    Next, tell us when and where you’d like us to come and collect your vehicle, whether that’s right now, in a few hours or next week. We’ll be here when you need us!

    5) Remove Your Belongings from Your Gold Coast Car

    As Car Wreckers, we dismantle and recycle vehicles for their auto parts, so it’s important for you to remove any remaining valuables from your vehicle when you sell it to us!

    6) Receive Your Free Car Removal & Instant Cash Payment!

    Lastly, our team will arrive to pay you on the spot and have your car towed in minutes!

    Contact Gold Coast Cash for Cars today at 0408 809 487.

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