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    What Is ‘Cash for Cars’?

    Cash for Cars refers to a fast and hassle-free way of selling your car. We pay for vehicles on the spot, no matter what make, model, condition or type your vehicle is in.

    Do You Really Provide Free Car Removals in the Gold Coast?

    Certainly! For every car we purchase, we offer to collect it free of charge with our advanced tow trucks and Licensed Car Removal Experts.

    Where Do You Provide Your Car Removal Service?

    Our Free Vehicle Removal service is readily available in the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Toowoomba and beyond. With a fleet of outstanding Vehicle Removal Experts and tow trucks stationed far and wide, chances are we’re never far away from you when you need us.

    I’m Short in Time – When and How Long Does Your Car Removal Service Go For?

    Our Car Collection process is famously fast and can be with you whenever is most convenient for you – whether that’s right now, in a few hours or in a couple of days. Our Car Removal process can be done and dusted in about 30 minutes or less – Instant Cash payment and Vehicle Collection included.

    My Car Is Damaged, Worn Out and Old – Will You Still Buy It?

    We’d love to! We buy vehicles from all conditions, whether they are scrap, old, accident, wrecked or simply unwanted. We have a policy of buying vehicles however they are when you present them to us.

    Do You Accept Other Vehicles Besides Cars?

    Yes – our top-of-the-line tow trucks can handle vehicles small and large including cars, trucks, buses, vans, SUVs, motorbikes, boats, forklifts and other heavy machinery.

    Do You Accept All Car Brands?

    We don’t have any preferences for certain brands or types of cars (for example, some Car Buyers specialize in only buying Japanese Cars). We’ll give you an accurate and honest Cash for Cars payment whatever brand you vehicle belongs to.

    This include:

    What Do I Need to Bring to Sell My Car to Gold Coast Cash for Cars?

    We’ll provide all the necessary paperwork for free and happily take you through it all so it’s transparent and easy to understand. You simply need to bring your proof of ownership, phot ID and remove your registration plates.

    What are ‘Instant Quotes’?

    ‘Instant Quotes’ refer to our fast way of giving quotes to car sellers. We can provide you with a Free Evaluation and ‘Quick Quote’ without needing to view your vehicle in person. Simply give us a detailed description of your car and from that, we’ll calculate an offer in minutes which you are free to take or leave without pressure.

    Can I Drop My Car Off to You?

    Yes, you can certainly choose to drop your car off to us if you’d prefer. You might even receive a slightly higher Cash for Cars off (up to $50) for your efforts.

    What Happens to My Car?

    After collecting your car, we’ll transport it to our Vehicle Wrecking yard where it will be dismantled and have its quality auto parts recycled, tested and reused.
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